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Financial Crimes Network

Welcome to Financial Crimes Network (FCN)

FCN is a non-governmental Consumer Protection website focused on CA fraud investigations and the recovery of stolen money or property. We assist victims of bank account fraud, elder financial abuse, embezzlement, identity theft, real estate or title fraud, scams, and wire fraud. FCN’s team of experts include forensic accountants, fraud analysts, financial crimes investigators, and specialized white-collar attorneys.

FCN has an exclusive network of financial professionals that has been vetted, and this team may be able to assist you in recovering some or all your stolen money or property. If you cannot afford to pay for professional services, you may qualify for a contingency payment program. The investigator or attorney may defer payment or accept a portion of your settlement in lieu of direct payment. Our team of professionals hold advanced credentials in fighting all types of consumer fraud and have years of experience.

New fraud schemes are emerging almost daily and law enforcement as well as state/federal agencies are overburdened investigating and prosecuting these complex crimes.

Unfortunately, this allows too many fraudsters to avoid prosecution and victims are not fairly compensated for their losses. FCN is a victim advocate focused on holding fraudsters accountable and providing relevant information and website links.

FCN can provide the information and resources to identify fraudsters, document their crimes, and implement an action plan to seek financial recovery. Our investigators can conduct surveillance, examine fraudulent documents, and then confront fraudsters to demand repayment. Or, our separately retained attorneys can file civil complaints to seek legal justice against fraudsters. We then often serve as counsel's investigator and expert witness in civil courts.

Please contact us to confidentially discuss your potential case and obtain an attorney referral who can assess your claims and legally advise you. We understand your difficult and painful situation and are here to help.

Financial Crimes Network

Understanding Financial Crimes

Knowledge is Power! Fraudsters prey on victims who are not well versed in financial matters or who may be too trusting. The best defense is to know as much as possible about the person who wants to invest your money or who is offering you a chance to win a lottery or receive a large government grant. Most of these scams sound too good to be true and you should trust your instincts.

Always seek the advice of a financial professional, such as an attorney, CPA, or financial advisor. At a minimum, consult with a trustworthy friend or relative to ask about the investment. Ask them to search online for the individual who contacted you and their company's name. This information is useful in gaining a quick understanding about the person or company.

Financial investigators can conduct deep-dive investigations to screen out potential fraud and identify individuals or companies you should avoid. If you tell a potential fraudster that you will first need a background investigation on them and their business before investing, they will likely hang-up and contact another potential victim.

Numerous links to government websites are available to provide fraud alerts and to learn about current and emerging fraud schemes. If you check these government websites on a regular basis, when those scam calls or emails are received, you will likely recognize them and block them from further contact.

We are passionate about our work... FCN's core objective is to provide a convenient source of information and internet links to understand financial crimes, prevent or report fraud, and connect with attorneys and experts who specialize in civil litigation and complex financial investigations.

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Fraud Solutions

FCN's approach is to confidentially investigate fraud and then assist legal teams to hold fraudsters accountable for their actions through civil court litigation. Or, we may reach out directly to the fraudster to demand restitution or recommend referral to a state or federal attorney general's office for possible prosecution. For example, a recent fraudster who was a licensed real estate broker committed fraud to wrongfully foreclose on a $5 million dollar La Jolla, CA beach home. During court litigation, when presented with our investigative findings, the fraudster immediately agreed to transfer home ownership title back to the victim.

This quick resolution of fraud without law enforcement intervention was a better outcome for the victim. In addition, not all law enforcement agencies are staffed with financial crime experts and may not see the crime in the same eyes as a trained private fraud investigator and expert witness. In other words, filing a police report may not result in return of some or all of stolen property.

FCN's unique approach is to privately investigate fraud and work to hold fraudsters accountable for their actions by litigating their crimes in civil court or pursuing them to demand restitution. If those options are not successful, we can then work with victims to report crimes to law enforcement for prosecution.

Financial Crimes Network

FCN is not a governmental agency but focuses on providing individuals and businesses who have been scammed, or have been a victim of financial fraud with immediate resources to act. If you are a victim of fraud, suspect a spouse of hiding divorce assets, victim of a romance or online scam, or simply want to report fraud, we have built a network to help you.
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Financial Crimes Network

Curtis L. Novy, Founder

FCN was created by Curtis L. Novy, a licensed financial investigator and a court certified expert witness in banking, financial crimes, and mortgage/real estate matters. Mr. Novy has 25+ years of experience and is the owner/qualified manager of Financial Investigative Services (FIS), serving Arizona, California, and Colorado.

Mr. Novy identified the business need for the public to have a non-governmental source of credible information to understand financial fraud and scams. Consumers now regularly reach out to Mr. Novy to learn more about fraud and steps to be taken to prevent or recover losses.

The first step is often consulting with a qualified attorney who specializes in financial matters. More information about Mr. Novy is available on his websites, and

The FCN website is dedicated to consumers who have been scammed out of their life savings.